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Security Development Services

Its our responsibility to protect our IT products and solutions..

The Critical and Sensitive Information and data of an Organization is essential to protect. The Advancement of Internet and Other Computing technologies have simplified many functions but on other hand have posed a great threat as well to confidentiality and access to anywhere and everywhere. So we could say that Development of New IT Products and Services are as important as making it sufficiently secure from potential threats.

We understand your concern for privacy and authorized access. We have been creating safe IT solutions since a long time as it has been a core service demanded by our clients.

Major Security Threats are

Computer crime ,Vulnerability ,Eavesdropping ,Exploits , Trojans ,Viruses and worms, Denial of service, Malware, Payloads, Rootkits, Keyloggers.

We provide security in form of Internet security, Cyberwarfare, Information security, Mobile security, Network security

The Defense Mechanism used by us are :

Access Control Systems, Application security, Antivirus software, Secure coding, Security by design, Secure operating systems, Authentication, Multi-factor authentication, Two-factor authentication, Authorization, Firewall, Intrusion detection system, Intrusion prevention system, Mobile secure gateway